June 25, 2019

According to Australia Koala Foundation, the number of koalas left in the country is slowly declining and there are no more than 80,000 koalas.
Their number is drastically declining because of hunting, habitat loss, pollution, deforestation and urban development. Climate change also plays a part in their suffering due to heat waves, drought and forest fires.
Koalas who lost their homes are forced to roam around, leaving them vulnerable to wild dogs, getting hit by cars or getting a disease called Chlamydia because of stress.
Koalas are tourist icon and for them to slowly disappear from the face of the Earth is saddening. The AFK is demanding politicians to take action and to pass a law to protect koalas. The Koala Protection Act prohibits killing, selling or possessing koalas.
Putting them into zoos is not the solution. Saving their habitat is.

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